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Welcome to The Reap Community

Welcome to the Reap Food Rescue Community!

Here you will find a community of people who are passionate about food, their community and the possibility of combining this care for food and people with making a positive difference in their local area through food rescue.

As part of our Reap Food Rescue Community you will connect with others, learn what food rescue is taking place in your area and be inspired by success and good news – as well as inspiring others by sharing all your stories of food rescue!

So sign up here. Join us and start rescuing food!


I set up OzHarvest in 2004 after being appalled by the amount of food wasted by the hospitality industry. Now, nearly 10 years later, OzHarvest has offices in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Adelaide.

OzHarvest picks up good food that would otherwise be thrown away. We deliver this good food to hundreds of charities who feed people in need.

Much as we would love to OzHarvest cannot set up everywhere - so I wanted to give you a toolkit based on our knowledge and experience to show you how to rescue food in your local area for the benefit of your own community.
Join our Reap food rescue community – use this forum to connect, share and inspire others about food rescue stories. Be part of this group of changemakers who are committed to feeding others while saving the planet!

I welcome you into our family and am very much looking forward to hearing about food rescue in your area!!!

What will you find in the community?

Inside our Reap Food Rescue Community you can:

  • Find out if anyone is rescuing food in your area
  • Inspire like-minded people with your food rescue plans
  • Connect with people rescuing food in your area
  • Learn from others who are collecting food to feed people in need
  • Advertise your food rescue efforts
  • Ask for more volunteers or for assistance in food rescue

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