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Reap - Girl with Box of Fruits

Step 2.

Source the food

So, once you have your agency that needs your services:

  • Make a list of potential food donors in your area.
  • Examples include supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, delis, hotels, conference centres, food wholesalers, retailers, farmers/farmers markets.
  • Telephone potential donors one at a time. Log in or sign up for our tips on making the first call.

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What Type of Food Can Be Rescued?

  • Good nutritious food that you would eat
  • Food which your agency says they can use or they need
  • Food near its expiry date or best before date
  • Food with incorrect packaging or labelling but which is still good to eat
  • Good examples include fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy products, prepared meals, sandwiches, salads, meat, fish, chicken bread, soup, stews, pies etc.

What type of food cannot be rescued?

  • Ask yourself - 'would I eat this?' If the answer is 'no' then it is not good food that can be rescued!
  • Food past its expiry date or past its use by date
  • Food with a protective seal that is broken
  • Food that is damaged, has gone off, or has other signs such as mould that it is not good to eat.

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