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Reap - Girl with Box of Fruits

Step 3.

Get an esky and go

As a volunteer doing food rescue for your local charity you will need to work out suitable times for food pick-ups from local food donors.

Here are some pointers on how to best collect and transport the food:

  • Get yourself an esky or cooler bag in order to safely transport all collected food.
  • Agree on suitable times for food pick-ups from local food donors.
  • Transport the food within two hours of pick up to the charity so it can be eaten by someone in need.
  • Make sure that someone will be at your charity to receive the food.
  • All food rescuers need to understand safe food handling.

Your pick-ups contribute to reducing the amount of good food sent to landfill across Australia.

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Measuring your impact and keeping a record

Keep track of how much food you collect and deliver to your local charity.

Share on the Reap Community Forum how much food you rescue to inspire others and to encourage others to rescue food in their communities.

We also would love to hear about your success! Tell us about your food rescue by emailing us on reap@ozharvest.org.

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